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God is the center of my everything!
Sharp I an caring and romantic.
Romantic man looking... I am 45 years old and i am a romantic guy. I love being outside and i enjoy disc golf and hiking. I write poetry and fiction and i love to read, mostly novels and short stories. I have a great imagination and i like using my creativity to show that special someone how i feel- i like planni ...
Swcm looking for swcf for conversation and possible relationship I have been single for a long time. I have met many nice people on the internet but just not the right one. I had to discover what i was looking for. I think i know what i am looking for some traits are absolutes while others are not. I would enjoy sharing with you what those traits are.
Hi my name is stephen,i'm a spiritual born again christian,lookin ... I have an amazing story of finding the lord jesus christ,i found him to be as real as you and me,and i'm looking forwards to telling my story,he transformed me from a wreck of a man to a strong fit and muscular man,i'm an open book for anyone to ask me whatever they want to know,i'll be ho ...