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"if a musician falls in love with you, you can never die! &q ... Hi! I'm leo. My goal here is to find a marriage partner. I think marriage is a very important decision in life. It has to be a wise choice, it has to be fun. In my point of view, getting married means husband and wife helping each other to be more closed to god and his will. The consequenc ...
Male looking for a kind-hearted female. I enjoy things from days gone by (movies, tv shows, music, etc. ). I have little interest in much of the media created nowadays because it has been either corrupted with the new way the culture thinks or it has had anything related to the christian god neutralized.
Looking for my best friend Hi! Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. I am gene, glad to meet you. I am currently a student studying on my masters degree in christian ministry and leadership. I enjoy doing all kinds things. I enjoy dining out, drinking coffee or going to a sporting event specially invo ...
Romantic, sincere and hard-working guy in search of his princess I'm a god-fearing man who wants to make my wife the happiest woman in this world.
I am serious about getting a good relationship. Handsome, hardworking, intelligent, honest and lovely