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Looking for my best friend Hi! Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. I am gene, glad to meet you. I am currently a student studying on my masters degree in christian ministry and leadership. I enjoy doing all kinds things. I enjoy dining out, drinking coffee or going to a sporting event specially invo ...
If your not presently in the u. S. A , please don't message me. G ... Only those ladies now in the u. S. A.
Paul_sinulingga@yahoo. Com I like pray to god jesus christ
i like read holy bible
i like music christian not music world
i always go to the church
Hi my name is stephen,i'm a spiritual born again christian,lookin ... I have an amazing story of finding the lord jesus christ,i found him to be as real as you and me,and i'm looking forwards to telling my story,he transformed me from a wreck of a man to a strong fit and muscular man,i'm an open book for anyone to ask me whatever they want to know,i'll be ho ...
I am serious about getting a good relationship. Handsome, hardworking, intelligent, honest and lovely