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Single man looking for a christian wife I have been a christian my spiritual gift is evangelism. I am a business man and am looking to reduce my responsibilities to be more free for a relationship.
Please feel free to ask me anything you will like to know about m ... I'm compassionate, and understanding
I like to meet new friends and to share with my family. I like to ... I´m very loyal to my friends. I´m also creative and i like to do handcrafts and to write short tales.
Willing to put christ between us, marriage is a cross for saving Graceful princess who wants to dance with her one and only till end of time.. La isla bonita! I wish to travel all over the world opening the people, the culture and the beauty of unique places. I adore the home atmosphere, careness and love. Michael bolton and luciano pavarotti are my fav ...
Life is short so live, love and laugh! I'm crazy about my dogs and i love teasing, cuddling, and chasing them!. I like slapsticks and i wanna laugh till i gasp for breath! Laughter is nature's stress-buster and it keeps us looking young! It is difficult to upload photos here so you can check my recent photos at https://www. Ins ...