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God first in love and life I can do all things through christ who strengthens me.
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with the blessings of god, i am inventive, empathetic, creative and witty.
Love jesus and for me life is a journey
I love god and you should too ;) I'll try not to write a novel here. What's special about me? Probably my sense of humor. Other than that, i'm committed to my belief in god, family, and love for one another. A little more about me: i'm a quiet type who likes to watch youtube, read and vibe to good music. I like writing a ...
God is good and faithful! Sweet and sincere, loving and affectionate, mature and very optimistic in life, loyal, loves to serve the people i love and those who are in need.... Views life as god's gift to be enjoyed to the fullest especially with the people you love, fun to be with, warm-hearted ,understanding, comm ...
Unmarried, no child(ren), lifelong marriage only (mt 19:6), edify ... Scammers must leave me alone!


singing beautiful melody hymns, always getting along with godly people, understanding god's will, his plan in my life, mbti (i am an entp. ), sight-seeing, learning to hear god's voice, and so o ...