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Life is short so live, love and laugh! I'm crazy about my dogs and i love teasing, cuddling, and chasing them!. I like slapsticks and i wanna laugh till i gasp for breath! Laughter is nature's stress-buster and it keeps us looking young! It is difficult to upload photos here so you can check my recent photos at https://www. Ins ...
Lovely spirit who loves life and god
Willing to put christ between us, marriage is a cross for saving Graceful princess who wants to dance with her one and only till end of time.. La isla bonita! I wish to travel all over the world opening the people, the culture and the beauty of unique places. I adore the home atmosphere, careness and love. Michael bolton and luciano pavarotti are my fav ...
Unmarried, no child(ren), lifelong marriage only (mt 19:6), edify ... Scammers must leave me alone!


singing beautiful melody hymns, always getting along with godly people, understanding god's will, his plan in my life, mbti (i am an entp. ), sight-seeing, learning to hear god's voice, and so o ...
Single man looking for a christian wife I have been a christian my spiritual gift is evangelism. I am a business man and am looking to reduce my responsibilities to be more free for a relationship.