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If you don't like chocolates, i wonder why. That must be sad. :p See that tasty chocolate cake you see in a coffee shop? That's me! You would say to yourself, "i must have it! " if you don't like chocolates, i wonder why. That must be sad. I used to work in a corporate setting, but it got me bored so i work online now. The freedom to do what i ...
Willing to put christ between us, marriage is a cross for saving Graceful princess who wants to dance with her one and only till end of time.. La isla bonita! I wish to travel all over the world opening the people, the culture and the beauty of unique places. I adore the home atmosphere, careness and love. Michael bolton and luciano pavarotti are my fav ...
Unmarried, no child(ren), lifelong marriage only (mt 19:6), edify ... Interests:

singing beautiful melody hymns, always getting along with godly people, understanding god's will, his plan in my life, mbti (i am an entp. ), sight-seeing, learning to hear god's voice, and so on. Would you please share with me any of these?

first ...
Lovable, friendly and godly fearing person I'm a down to earth person, family oriented, honest, sincere, have a sense of humor and a godly one.
Seeking true christian man Iam honest,dependable,caring and loving christian lady.
i play no games and iam not on here for any other evil motive,iam serious
about finding a true christian man, so i expect the same from a man,to be
honest about finding a lady.
iam a 13 year cancer surviv ...