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Strong, independent, simple woman I am an uncomplicated woman. I love to travel, experience new things and revisit favorite places. I enjoy nature whether it be deserts, mountains or canyons. I am not into materialistic things. I already have what i need from my life experiences. I am self sufficient. I am looking for comp ...
Su bandera sobre mi fue amor. Cantares Soy una sierva de dios, le amo y me da placer servirle. <br />
he pagado un alto precio por conocerle íntimamente. <br />
no puedo prescindir de su amor incondicional. <br />
deseo conocer a un siervo de dios que crea en el propósito div ...
I wont to find best friend,who know jesus! I am very open an honest person. I like my friends and my family very much. I wont to serve god with all my family!
Welcome here :) Hello! :) <br />
i am a dedicated chrisitan and this is why i decided to use this site to find a possible relationship based on god's plan for us. :)<br />
i like teaching and learning languages, taking pictures while travelling, meeting open-minded people to disc ...
Are you here? I am easy to get along with love to laugh and enjoy life. My way of coping from stress instead of eating i run, jog. Working out is my way of keeping fit. Like to watch movies, tv series, news or just simply keep things neat orderly at home. Atleast keep myself abreast of what's happening ...