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I am grateful to christ jesus our lord. God is light of my world I am special, thoughtful and kind lady. My personality is definitely compassionate, outgoing, energetic, enjoys art life and activities musical people. I love god & western art music. I grew up in a good family, learning tradition values, to be a truthful and nice lady. I have my own b ...
Hola soy sara, tengo 26 años, mamá de 2 hermosos ni ... Mi nombre es sara, soy del estado de méxico, me dedico a ser miss en un centro deportivo. Estoy divorciada y soy madre de 2 hermosos niños. <br /><br /><br /><br />
soy crisitiana pentecostal, creo en jesús y amo a mis padres. <br /> ...
Hello and god bless Hello and god bless what i find special in myself is that i am loving honest faithful and caring these quaulities comes fom having a personal
relationship with the lord i am a good listener a genuine woman
Live life to the fullest! Its a gift from god I love the lord and value my relationship with god as my top most priority. I love to laugh and be funny, i also love to sing, eat, and go for karaoke with friends and family. I also love devoting my time with church works.
I'm an easygoing woman Lol not to say much.... I think i find myself to be somebody who everybody would love to socialize with
you can text me rosedailey13 at g mail 0r 7 4 7 2 6 6 1 0 7 7